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Shaab El Erg : about 1.5 hours from Hurgarda, it's a horseshoe shaped reef with the open side facing South. At the middle of the horseshoe is a shallow lagoon dotted with ergs. This dive site can be dive all around. Reasons for diving there are two : mantas especially in winter time and Dolphins all the year.

Gubal Island : the wreck of Ulysses lies on the reef 300m North of the lighthouse, starting at 5 m and sloping to 25 m. The Barge wreck, south of lighthouse, provides divers with fun and unusual night dive. The wreck skeleton creates protection for all types of creatures. 

Abu Nuhas and his wrecks : Giannes D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M. They are fantastically placed as a scene for photography and are covered with corals.

 _  Giannes D is the most famous and photogenic of the wrecks of Abu Nuhas. This cargo ship sank in 1983. the 100m long is lying close to the reef at 27 m depth. 

 _  Carnatic is the oldest one of the four wrecks at Abu Nuhas. The cargo ship sank in 1869 after collision with the reef. This 90m long wreck is lying at 28 m depth. Beautiful coral coverage and clouds of glass fish. 

  _  Chrisoula K sank in 1981. It's 100m long but due to the strong current the stern is now nearly separated from the main body. 

 _  Kimon M is lying at a depth between 6 and 32m. Because of the currents, only the stern with its huge propeller is still quite intact and easy to dive. 

Rosalie Moller : recently discoverd, she was attacked by German bombers in 1941, now the 100m wreck is lying at depth from 20 to 50m. Amazing marine life can be observed like thousands of glass fish on the deck, snappers, tuna, etc... 

The SS Thistlegorm - Shaab Ali : this 129m English Freighter was bombed by the Germans in 1941, while they had the mission of bringing a cargo of rifles, motorbikes, train carriages and trucks. It's the most impressive wreck in the Red Sea. She is home to an enormous variety of marine life and is especially popular with large schooling fish.

4 days Mini Safari North Wrecks

Schedule of the Week

Day 1   We welcome you at the Airport and transfer you to Port Ghalib. Check in !
             9.00p.m Dinner.

Day 2   Start the adventure by sailing to the first dive site and Breakfast at 8.00 a.m
              11.00 a.m Check Dive - Shaab El Erg 
              1.30 p.m Lunch on board
              2.00 p.m Dive 2 - Thistlegorm

              6.00 p.m  Night dive - Thistlegorm

              9.00 p.m Dinner on board

Day 3  6.30 a.m Early morning dive at Gubal  and then Breakfast

            11.00 a.m second dive at Gubal wreck

            1.30 p.m Lunch on board

            3.30 p.m dive at Abu Nuhas wrecks

            6.00 p.m  Night Dive and then dinner on board

Day 4  Two dives at Abu Nuhas and lunch. Then to the Marina in the afternoon for the check                   out.



3 nights onboard (Food, Snacks, Water and tea/coffee/soda)
2-4 dives per day, minimum 9 dives.

12L tanks & weights

Dive guides during the trip


Equipment rental 

Nitrox and 15L tanks
Marine Parc Fees
Special Courses (Advanced speciality Wrek/Deep/Nitrox...)


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