Brothers, Deadalus, Elphinstone (BDE)

Dive Sites Details

The Golden Triangle of Egypt due to the geographical position of the dive sites that will be visited during the cruise, placed in the shape of a triangle. 


The Brothers Islands are two islands located 60 km off the coast of Al Quseir. Made of volcanic rocks, Big Brother is 600 m long and Little Brother is about 200m.

  _  In the north of the Big Brother Island are 2 beautiful wrecks that you can discover during your dives : the Numidia (1901) is lying almost vertically against the reef between 10m and 83m. The Aida II (1958), an Egyptian military ship sank 100m away from the Numidia and is lying between 10m and 63m. In this area you can have the opportunity to encounter a thresher shark.

  _  In Small Brother you will see, among other things, a beautiful garden of gorgonian sea fans, black corals and many pelagic fishes.

Daedalus Reef is 600m long and 300m wide. It lies about 90km off the coast, south of Marsa Alam. It is topped by a lighthouse built by the French in 1863 and modified by the British in 1931. At least ten different dives can be organised on this reef that has the greatest coral diversity in the Egyptian Red Sea. North of the reef, a school of hammerhead sharks is very often seen. A big quantity of pelagic fishes and a very varied fauna will enhance your dives.

Elphinstone is 400m long and 30m wide. Strong currents hit the Northern and Southern plateau bringing nutrients to a vast colony of soft corals. Many shark species, among which the Oceanic White Tip Shark (Longimanus) are seen in the area. Let yourself be carried away by the currents and enjoy the abundant pelagic fauna.

8 days Safari BDE

Schedule of the Week

Day 1   We welcome you at the Airport and transfer you to Port Ghalib. Check in !
Day 2  After breakfast, your guide will tell you everything about the programme of the week,                 safety procedure and the life on boat. First dive site 30 minutes away, check dive, then                2nd dive in the afternoon. After dinner the boat will reach the Brothers Island.

Day 3  Three daytime dives. Due to new regulatios aimed at protecting the marine ecosystem,               safari boats are not allowed to stay overnight on Brother’s site. You will then sail for                   the night long to reach Deadalus at the break of dawn.

Day 4   Home of the Hammerhead sharks, you will do 3 daytime dives in Deadalus.

Day 5   According to the weather 2 or 3 more dives on Deadalus before sailing towards the                      coast. 7 hours to reach Abu Dabbab where you’ll spend the night. A night dive can be                  organised.

Day 6   Depending of the weather, 2 or 3 dives in Elphinstone, then the boat will sail back to                    Abu Dabbab. Night dive can also be organised this evening.

Day 7   1 or 2 dives in the morning according weather and flight schedules, then we come                        back to Port Ghalib.

Day 8  Departure from the boat will be after breakfast or according to your flifht and transfer                schedules to the airport or hotel.



All transfers from Hurghada Airport or Marsa Alam
7 nights aboard everything included

Food and Snacks
2-4 dives per day, 19 minimum dives.


Permissions, Deco Chamber Insurance and environmental taxes 20 Euro per person.
Alcoholic drinks during the week


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Tel Arabic/English +20 112 989 6202

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