Welcome to the Red Sea.

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Diving in the Red Sea 

Bordered by seven countries, the Red Sea is a cleft of deep blue water formed millions of years ago.


Everywhere you look, on every dive you make, the Red Sea is a mind-boggling concentration of marine life. Large numbers of reef fish amass in swirling schools and an astonishing variety of coral and sponge species plaster every reef. Big pelagics like dolphins and sharks patrol deep wrecks and walls.

Diving conditions in the Red Sea are idyllic, with water temperatures rarely falling below 22°C even in the depths of the Egyptian winter (December - February). In summer, water temperatures in the southern Red Sea typically reach 30°C.

Visibility is usually excellent and can sometimes reach a dizzying 40 meters. This incredible clarity transforms the area’s teeming reefs into a veritable aquarium, providing the perfect conditions for underwater photographers hoping to get that perfect shot.